Who is your favorite character?


Hey guys! So I would like to know who everyone’s favorite RTS character is! It can be original to RTS or from the comic. Favorite can mean a vast amount of things but I was also curious as what makes a character really memorable/favorite for you all? Is it what they do and their use in your teams, or is it their story and/or art?

  • The art and story really make characters stick out more to me!
  • How a character fits into my teams and skills is what makes them my favorite!
  • The art and story catches my eye, but the gameplay is what makes them my favorite. I need both to make it memorable!

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Including some of my favorites in the comments! While I always will care what they do for my team, the story is what truly makes a character memorable to me.
:eyes: #collectiongang

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Julie I’m just excited she made it into game haha
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Davie cause of his love story


I’m excited to see a guy like Davie find love phahaha :joy:


Ajax out here like :eyes:


My favorite male and female

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Whispers into Screams 5* Rick. Seems like a cop-out reason but he was my first 5* and resultantly whatever my team looked like for a year and a half he was always in there somewhere because I became used to his stats. His hood/poncho is a cool getup too

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No! Totally not a cop out! One of my favorites to this day is blue neutralize Tyreese for the SAME reason. When he became ascendable I saved the first one I pulled and ascended a totally different one just to keep my original one.

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Gotta go with Ivanova, mainly cuz shes my unicorn and i can never seem to get her… out of the toons i got it would have to be Weyland cuz he’s amazing and he’s the blacksmith who actually cares about you.




Yes plz #WeylandForSmitty2019


Kate is bae forever. I love her so much. Also really fond of Romanov!


We need a 6 star Kate! :heart: she’s still nice to use as a 5 star!


Can I do a top ten here?


My all time favorite is still rocket launcher Abe. Hopefully he will be ascendible sometime in the near future, wink wink nudge nudge.

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Yellow Victor, SR Zeke and Armoured Shiva, loved their artwork (the body parts hanging off Victor, Shiva’s the “thrown together” look of Shiva’s armour), but most of all they completely transformed how I played the game - from putting toons together to see if they worked to really crafting a team around a core.

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4* Molly. She changed a lot at the beginning. Never forget.


Obviously, my favorite is Aiko

A close 2nd is Kay because she’s goth :heart_eyes:


Oh!!! I forgot about Kay! I still really want her.


I remember back then and not having her :joy: so frustrating haha

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