Who is the strongest wave 3 faction?

Out of two first place finishers in my group & another group, Nocturnal looked to be much much stronger.

Anyone got any input from other groups? Be interesting to see who is the top dog of all the top dogs in wave 3.

Nocturnal are stacked for sure. I dunno the competition tho cos I am in the same grouping you are

Ancient Rites

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You are???

Please, feel free to enlighten us as why you feel Ancient Rites are ze best.

I guess so. Unless you are not in the Nocturnal grouping. Maybe I misinterpreted your post.


No I’m not. I used to be in Lewis, still have friends there so get the war scores for their group that way.

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There are no strong factions in wave 3 . That’s why I changed to wave 2 .
And I am really happy that I did that . Regions here aren’t dead like in wave 3 .


Your feedback has been sent to our team for review. Keep on surviving.

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Who cares? Wave 3 meh


Can’t have competition when tumbleweeds are everywhere


Definitely P!NK

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Just because the Premier League is the top league in the UK doesn’t mean that the Championship or League One (always been a stupid name for the 3rd tier) aren’t interesting. Let the League One fans talk about their league without the ManU/City/Liverpool/Chelsea fans looking down on them from their perch.

In this analogy my teams Everton.

@Parker you’re a scouser, you red or blue?


Si ils montent en vague 1 ils feront même pas top 10 ils sont mauvais mais juste bon pour les régions débutantes

The Ruins of Beverast

It’s a band name and sounds like a w3 top faction, so there you go…

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:notes: We are the champions :musical_note:

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do you take into account only the EN regions?

I don’t think so. There’s only been like 2 nominations in the whole thread lol. So maybe you can nominate your favourites if you wish

Gosh no. Some of the non EN factions are crazy strong. I recall one from Bedford being very tough.

None of them are the strongest as none are truly competitive at an elite level. Otherwise they wouldn’t be wave 3. Wave 3 is dead. I can’t wait until players are forced up, it’s only a matter of time.