Who is the rarest 5* in the game?

I think its Derek. Who do you think?

Thompson. I believe that was his name.

there is beta versions glitched into gameplay so rarest characters are one of a kind not ones released in rewards or recruits

He was a 4* I have him. Scratch that, I fed him to zeke. He was blue, mofos(I think) won him in an event we didn’t care about. He is in the wheel.

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Blue derek, yellow connor, yellow andrea,

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Blue governor and red gregory would be my picks

Nah on the gov, dude in my faction had 6

The Red Andrea who was given to the rank 1 faction on the global war leaderboard and for a solo SR tournament.


I think she is the winner.

I think it’s blue Clementine in my region.

Blue Aaron?

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True lol

Global War Andrea

She should be a war prize lol

Blue gov is in 30 day packs

Pic of red Andrea?

She was for the #1 faction in all of the regions once. Aside from that shes almost never seen, never wide scale released, and now with 6 stars out if she were to become ascendable would almost never be seen anymore.

Ill be damned if i can find it but ill see if i can look it up somewhere…

Do you want the t1? or t4 maxed?

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