Who is the next new character?

does anyone know ? is scopley on holiday ??

The next one is a new gator. First dual specialist skill of disarm and decapitate. Although I’m pretty sure that one is next month’s login tho but at least it’s ftp


new gator ? ugh. bloody hell

Idk but why would I want to waste survivor club pulls on this trash.

Serious. At least put up Cole or later. This is lame as f*.

Gator with disarm and decapitate?! What about that mimic skill we heard so much about? Haha

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Im shocked there’s no new promo this week… has that ever happened, been along time if so

Previous record for time between toons released was 11 days between Aris and Bruce last year. That’s not necessarily time between promos though. Not going to try to sort that out.


Omg was just thinking that
Leader skill: huge ap on attack to all melee and 40%attack to all toons
Now you see it, now you dont:
This character can select any teamate or opponent and duplicate it’s rush. The toon its stolen from loses its next turn.
All teammates receive 50%attack in addition to any prior effects
Active skill: decapecute
Up to 2 enemies 20% or below in health they will be considered decapated upon death for next 2 turns.


Nah I’m hearing the the ar is called “gator aid: man go extremo”

Glad to see they’re sticking with the theme though

Actually his new rush is
“Gator AIDS”
Ap cost:58
Gives all enemies AIDS.

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My gator is a magician and is hateraiding your gator can be whatever you like :blush:

Smells like bullšhît

No u

(7 characters

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Probably someone from those leaks, hopefully an ascendable

They did indeed have the new named promo ready to roll out but had to pull it when it too fell victim to Stalinbot


Lol my theory is they had a new promo ready but it has active maim, which is still broken.


Yes!!! Perfect!!! All hail Mimic Gator :joy:

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