Who is the better toon?


I can acend 1 of them just not sure who to go for, any ideas who is the better toon


if you need tank go for rick otherwise andrea


Thanks, just mainly for defence, trying to make a ranged defence, any ideas


Evasion is really annoying if your team doesn’t have any of the strong color against it


Rick is trash so Andrea.


Do you have a stun gun for Rick is question on that


Andrea is no use on defence but still Andrea is the better choice. Barely see rick being used. And reds in general are easy to take down cos of the large number of heavy hitting blues


Any excuse to post that roster hey @Vino88 :wink:?


Go buy Carl for 5 bucks, I’d recommend mirabelle too. With Carl u can do him, Lydia, tyreese, Koa, and kal. A ranged defense would be much easier to beat since most of the ranged u have is attacking


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