Who is the best shield and why? Magna? Jesus?


Hey everyone, i got Magna on the 3y pull. And I am quite happy with her but comparing to other other shields that exist out there is she really that good?

For example as good as fast jesus?
Comparing to Koa?
Or any other.

I’m curious to know what makes her so good.
The rush… mehhh
The active… mesh??

I’m not very experianced, so just looking for constructive advise


She was the best just because she paired so well with Erika… now with Lydia… Jesus and Magna will be tied.


But jesus I’m having a hard time killing jesus… I dont run strong toons. So it’s just frustrating.
But I see my magna falling all the time.


Imo Jesus. Bound weapon, ap down. All information needed.


Katja hands down


Katja? Damnit and I invested into a John Armada :persevere:


Magna and Jesus are pretty much tied. I find impair shotties to be a lot more annoying than ap down or absolute defence, but Jesus’ rush can be a pain.
Koa is a tier below them, simply because ap down is worse than impair or absolute defence and his rush kinda sucks compared to Magna and Jesus.


I don’t think one is particularly better/more difficult to face than the other.

Mainly comes down to the lead and the level of resist mods. Plus also the other toons.

If you can easily stun/confuse the shield and take the rest out then the shield type is irrelevant


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