Who is the best S-Class currently?

It sure ain’t General Tso’s Combo

Inb4 all the F2P say Christa

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Either raulito or hengyen

All is good in there own way.
Premium is of course better then freemium

Raulito bleed is hard to stop but need help of lacerator to be awesome
Pete stall the defence so you can attack longr in war
Lotofpoo make the defence or attack go numb if she cast the AR
Priya make damage attacks more dangerous and kill most when she AR
Hyungyen dont know really what he is good at
Secretary Gau can be a pain in the cabooze if he AR

All have high AP at 76ap so you need doc to give them that supernudge

How is Raulito good?

Let me explain Raulito
First 600 bleed
Lacerate that you have 1200 damage turn 1
Have doc ands command he ready for AR turn2
Raulito fires his AR 1500 bleed plus the 1200 equal 2700
Lacerate that with crosshair … enemy super dead
Repeat and soon all dead


Massive bleed+crosshairs, really nice I you know how to utilize it correctly (which I don’t). I personally like Priya th best, but raulito and hengyen fit in the meta way better and can deal guarentees amounts of damage, plus lacerators make it hell.

There’s no good red or green lacerators though (Davie and Rick suck, I own both of them)

Jiafeng is the best lacerator
And red as the communists


Some use him behind a Michelle lead n use Shiva with him.

Also, jiafeng is good

Oh I keep forgetting she exists

She only red melee (not really buy anyway)

I use Raulito this way
First 600 bleed
Elena Active, a line go to 1k bleed
2 lacerator, 2k bleed turn 1 in 2 enemies

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The thing is, the lacerator is going to be a support toon on a raulito team, they are there to survive and lacerate bleed, so you can tank them massively

Yes never attack mod your bleeder

raulito, jianfeng, hengyen, doc steve, zachary. and you will beat almost all enemies defense team. but sadly all of them are fancy toons :money_mouth_face:

I’d say pete. He’s hard to get but you dont require 2 non maxed 6* OF THAT TOON and 4k or 6k keys.

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On attack, for me, Laopo hands down, no competition imo. If she gets her AR off and you run a shield on attack, that’s game right there. There are the odd exceptions where there are multiple toons with impair resist, but Camila and Raven for me are insurance Impairers.
I only have her at 6 star and she is probably the one that least benefits from the Sclass upgrade. If you can’t get that AR off for some reason (there are multiple reasons, facing a Raulito Sclass lead with a 6star Laopo for example), then she isn’t stella otherwise, but that applies to most toons.

Laopo in my opinion