Who is the best green shield? And comment why

  • Koa with AP-30
  • Koa with Absolute defense axe
  • William with standard weapon
  • William with AP-30

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He just keeps regenerating HP with this fixed weapon… A bigger pain than Koa I feel…

Easier to build AR’s on then an abdef koa tho… william u can just hit without consequences


Its a pain trying to kill william when every other hit gives him even more health, especially when using toons like bryan where their ar can still set off williams weapon.

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Havent faced many William’s but did face an annoying team where he had huge when taking damage, so he kept building hp and then stacking bonus hp

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Koa is useless when i saw Williamin actions. To much annoying i could even say that he is a broken toon. If you see him and other human shield just quit the raid.

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Excuse me, where’s Lee?


In either the depot or used as a sacrifice for the ascension tower.

3* Katjaa because I said so


When was that absolute defense axe for greens :strong: released? Weapon promo? Bonus for doing a 40 pull? One of those $75 offers? Can’t believe I don’t remember seeing it and completely missed it.

Weapon promo followed by many 10% chance crates in store.

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Koa with abe def is pretty good, i personally never thought William was good his weapon is trash, basically a ar charger.


Thats what i feel too… control his ass and use him as an adrenaline sponge, screw that he gets hp…stun/confuse/taunt leave him for last and rush all the others dead first.


Tanky koa is tanky :slight_smile:
Love my green bastard, and the community confirms my thoughts,best green shield. Im happy

If you don’t have a disarm, you would much rather face William for sure.

I have both and think they both are equally as good… especially when paired together. William has a good rush and active, while koa can hold an ab def axe. I’ve went against William a few times where I didn’t get him disarmed and his wep just kept popping every attack it seemed. I vote they are about equal.

Thank you