Who is the best 6 star shield?

Who should I grab? I already got 2 Ajax, but who is the best of the other 3?

Magna. With impair it’s just upsetting


William for me, regaining hp from attacks and stun on his active he’s given me trouble


Yeah, I run green/blue mainly.

William is highly tempting, I feel like I’ll regret it if I don’t pick one of them up however.

Ugh I’m torn…

magna or jessus


It was her or Jesus. Depends on the attacker’s team but I think the lasting effects of Magna’s impair can *just* swing it past Jesus’s 1 turn block, negated with AR boost

Here’s the utter garbage I got from 50 Laopo pulls btw. I got a few other epics but they weren’t really of note.

I would still suggest doing a 40 on this wheel if you got the coins however. A guaranteed shield is amazing.

Jesus is only if you got absolute defense on him. I kill him turn 2 if he doesn’t have it

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Magna is still the best.

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I don’t think I’ll ever do a 40 pull again tbh, seeing a 100 worth of coin go only to get a 2 year old 6 star is abysmal.

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I think magna or Jesus, with magna you can get your enemy impaired, with jesus you can put Abs. def or Keep the ap down. AP down can’t be resisted so depends on your leader skill

There’s a reason why they are giving gen 1 shields out I’m sure for a forty.


would pick William, that boi a beast with proper mods and lead

All you really want in a human shields is for them to shield and hold a helpful weapon, the rush and active are less important. So for that reason, I’ll second the Magna recommendations in here because her holding an impair weapon is amazing on both attack and defense.

Magna with impair is still good.

the best 6* shield imho is andrea.

if not her, than i pick jesus. i still sometimes use him with absdef and sometimes with 8%ap. depending on some teams u want to try, jesus is imho more useful than the others. his AR of maim and bonus hp is useful nowadays, plus his absdef cannot be resisted with mods.

10,000 coins?

Jesus if you are running a melee setup, AD on his weapon