Who is still locked out of account and on which platform?

This is a poll to see who is still facing complete lockout from their account and not able to play at all.

  • Android
  • ios

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Gunna bump this as it’s super frustrating being locked out with no help in sight @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely


Games been kickin me out since they fixed the war problem.

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Still locked out of game… I’m on the Android platform…


Mines since the iOS update …

Ive been locked out of my account on multiple android devices for about 16 hours already. I was kicked out of game 2-3 hours into the war I couldnt play and had a forced update. After that it kicks me upon loading.


Funny thing is I have a feeling they won’t help us or it will be after war and we won’t even get any compensation or nothing its ridiculous up to now we’re loosing out on warring or league standings level up log in streak daily ads piper challenges … daily pulls if your a sc member the roadmaps and so on this is not good and they should be here helping with a solution @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely will keep tagging until we get some information or help

Does this only affect people who already had login issues the past few weeks?

No, I’ve never had login issues before until this


Ive not had login issues before this either. Just randomly kicked out on occasions during territory battles.

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Nope just since this update I’ve had this problem :rage:

if they smart just send everyone 1k war tokens
wheel so bad that not much if a loss any way

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I’d rather not get demoted in leagues tbh among other stuff

Just a reminder to everyone still getting kicked out of the game: please open a ticket with support. If you can’t get in the game, open the ticket from their web page: https://scopely.com/customer-support

When you open a ticket, it will get linked with your game account. This makes it easier for a dev to find your account and usually they quickly get a lot more information, like what platform you play on and what exact game version you have installed, etc.

Support is monitored 24x7. These forums are not.

Yes, you’re probably going to get a generic response. Yes, that’s frustrating, but it’s better than no response at all. When lots of people open tickets, the problem can get escalated so more people look into a widespread problem.

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Only thing they do is send you a auto reply back they dont care

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Yes, you’re going to get an auto reply.

Open the ticket anyway. If the problem is widespread, we need a lot of different user tickets opened so it’s escalated and they get devs involved sooner rather than later.

Ive sent several tickets during the past 16 hours of complete lockout.

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Hmm rather odd can get on with my retired account but not my main wtf

They know from.start this war isnt right but they choose to ceep the war going so they dont care shady company

They was aware as soon as the update went live but chose not to comment or help