Who is next on promo?

Anyone know the next promo? I’m considering pulling for Dante, but I’d like to know who’s next up. Thank you!

6s wanderer

50% increase to game speed when attacking a war tower.


I’d pull for him lol… weird that I hit 95% crits and still don’t get tower. I scout with my crit team so I’m locked and loaded. Something I noticed is the game goes faster on my iPad as opposed to my iPhone. Might be time to put my main on the pad

Crit are actually slow. On normal frame speed you can see the slow down. Better off with power shots with splash

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Alfa is the Next.

in 3 hours and 16 mins russian release info

Garret…and then after that probably new Romanov. They dropped blue michonne after the roadmap so it might be the same for new Romanov.

Amdv we get to find out the story of the pyromaniac can we still call him that

Where is the sr rewards

100 Gloves & 100 Wrinkled Shirts for only $99.99, limit 5.

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