Who is happy with the newly hilarious stacked boxes?

When i opened my inventory thats what i see. I had yellow, purple, white, gold boxes which had inside gear, s class cards, energy cans and so on. But now i see only ring boxes. I’m not even sure if they are gone or just stacked under the ring boxes. They say similar items stacked together. But it seems to me a kid cleaning his room putting everything in a box. Plus is it me or support is giving all short automated answers ? We can’t continue the conversation once we get the automated message.


What version of the game are you running? 23.1.0 was a beta update where the stacking of non-identical boxes occured (agree, totally anti-productive). The 23.1.1 is supposed to have fixed this and only identical boxes stack, but the update is not yet fully available on all platforms.

Should be working within a day or two, patience brings roses… or in this case, properly stacked boxes :wink:


Yes it’s 23.1.0. I contacted support but they didn’t give me a Clear answer like you. Your answer is much better and explanatory.

23.1.0 is a beta version. Why are you in the beta program?

I joined long time ago but a few friends had problems when leaving. They were locked out of game for several days.

Leave after the update is released when both versions are the same, and you should have no problems.

I am but mines working as intended :pensive:

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