Who is going to be next?

To all you whale factions out there who claim to want competition. Who is gonna follow notorious ’ lead and move to where the action is (colbert)? sure, cr w you may have one event where u can battle it out but raids, level up, sr etc… I just wanna say nice job and way to back up the talk to notorious, and ask who is next? Fkr? tropos ton theon? Infamous? The seas are open and you have the ability to battle it out. At least 2 of the list of the top 16 have it in em to face the same level of comp they bring to the table. Be all the whales you can be!

Notorious moving back to Albert after AOW?

notorious was in Albert, so I guess you could say they did run from Mofos & TTT to get AP.

or patience that you’ll get a favorable matchup eventually in crw lol don’t bag on other facs for not wanting to spend mass coin to move for a pissing contest

Why would they run from factions less powerful than AP?

No one, suck my pee hole dumbass.

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^ exactly. All talk, no :rooster:

Bring WAO to Colbert! Come on, guys. Join in on the rumble.

So we can spend money on crap prizes lmao I’m sure you need something to stroke your ego because your :chicken: is too small

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