Who is best thanksgiving event toon and why?

  • Bryan
  • Rose
  • Princess

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Princess is better not even close


to me its princess, all the toons have uses. bryan hits me as a poor mans blue alpha that you CANT put double tap(double attk) on, he hits hard enough but 1 coll 2 doesnt seem enough on ultra tank setups. rose is a great debuff but she doesnt hit hard. the lead skill fits farming human stages but defense woulda been better and hp alone doesnt fit as an attk lead over mira, tara or wanderer, imo. princess on the other hand can be useful on attk, especially heavy maim and bleed setups vs heavy +hp teams, if done right can also be used defensively on carl, garrett, eugene and dante leads, to me taunt rush and taunt active are nice, it gives an extra option vs shields(cause taunt is far less common for mod setup as stun) if kate gets ap drained, or rng isnt with you.


It’s a toss up between Bryan and Princess for me. I already have Jeremiah, so I don’t need Rose.


Of course brian! Because he is the best example of laziness of character artists!


Question is do you think they will give enough peas and carrots to get Princess or Brian? I’m sure they will give enough for rose since she is a free to play toon, but wouldn’t be shocked if they leave you short on the other 2


I do wonder if splash damage will be decent on Bryan


beats ap gain by alot, imo. not quite as good as 100 attk from double tap, imo


If the same 2 day roadmap repeats itself, there’s enough time to have it run 9-10 times more.

So a total of 10-11 x 1300 is enough to get one of your picking. If not, hopefully you get some peas from the stash.


If u complete harvest 2 u will have enough for princess the last 1000 is rng



That face is worth it.


Hands down Bryan. I already have people like Shiva, Glenn, and Kal who can control the fight. Princess is a wonderful, perfectly balanced tank and what I wanted in Wyatt and sorta got in Maggie but honestly, I think I’m good on controlling greens. Bryan on the other hand is quite a destructive force. Can potentially hit 4 enemies and sustain himself with bonus HP plus that rush. I have Mirabelle and Gov but ehhh… I wanna bench Gov.


Collateral damage is not always a good thing. Can easy charge defensive toons. I know my factionmates rave about Konrad but his specialty on his huh is way better than Bryan. Nd reds are less tanky than greens. I don’t think Bryan’s collateral is a good thing.


if a command glenn is in with dmg ap, that coll.2 or splash dmg(if peeps go that way) could be a recipe for confusion, not to mention glenn’s buff’s


Bryan best on attack

princess on defense teams

rose for farming of course


Why debate this. You gotta spend lol.


There’s plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise.


Maybe. (7 chars)


Yeah Rose is for f2p lol


I just wanted to vote.Votin is fun ^^