Who here is from morgan


if u are whats ur name lol
just tryin to see if its just me


Here’s a list of Morgan region players



Lol you just had that list?


He’s everywhere lol. Anyways question for u Morgan people, how much rep does top faction have? I saw from a leagues a guys faction had 800k and was only rank 12 on ur region, wtf lol


Rep doesn’t mean anything but the top 1 and 2 are around 1.8 million


Before I lost my account, I thought of transferring there.
Never did though because… I obviously lost my account.


the top fac is always moving right now so its like mamas and then ar


im tonyzzpizza


800k that’s about where my faction is when we’re full, and rank as well
The #1 changes not from events, but transfers. A few strong, what I assume to be #2’s before, have moved in and out, which is not surprising.
All original Morgan players, and factions moved down a bit in rep and faction rank.


I’ve heard that the super-faction Legacy will be moving into Morgan soon. They have 2.7 mil rep btw


And me.


hi @kid_nice its pizza



How does one get that classification?


are they nice?


this is turning into a recruitment


The secret V.I.N society classified them. Where is the V btw. I and N are in Troup but V ain’t joining up


Secrets secrets :wink:

Maybe it deserves its own thread.


Heard that too, and that the current tops will move on, we have already had strong factions take it somewhere else if not #1, I believe that will be the drill until everybody finds a place to get the most shitty rewards they can.
Milestones can be had anywhere, and that’s all I really go for now.


Just go to where they came from.