Who here is best?

I got all these from my halloween tokens from war

Carson is a very good toon


Looks like Dwight from The Office. In regards to who is best, that would be Alpha, hands down. All the others are 100% irrelevant in this day and age.


I’d say you beat me there.

Got 1 none-dupe and it was Martenez
No ascendable’s.


If ur still using 5s definitely sawyer but alpha is the best because she’s a 6

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Disagree. Carson is great. Dwight can be usable too, though he’s not as good


This is my team


Haven’t really seen that Carson much, only 5* Fast I ever hear about is Kate.
p.s. talking about this Dwight

Kinda depends on the lineup, but I used to use him in tandem with Alpha against Lydia teams

I stopped recently due to needing more safeguards against AP drain, confuse, bleed, impair on attack, etc, but he did well

Also used him with an all yellow lineup that could slice through ranged defenses fairly quickly and very safely due to the heavy attack reduction from him. I found a setup that’s not as safe, but much faster with 5* Eugene though

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omg i need to use my carson now

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You guys are lucky, getting him for free. I got him soon as he was added to the depot. Full price. Doh!

Worth it though.

who should he replace on my team

Depends very strongly on the team you’re facing.

Probably Gresus though. No synergy with Lydia, going to catch the attention of reds and die fast, rush doesn’t help the team just himself, etc

Carson should pair well with Sandy, just make sure he rushes first.

okay ty. i might also replace rick with sawyer because his weapon is good

Just don’t waste tape or kits modding a bound weapon on a 5*, Ascendable or not.

Ascendables will lose them, nons probably won’t be as useful in late game

im not really focused on weapons atm. im trying to work on characters first.

holy crap thanks for the help ever since leveling and adding carson raids are so much faster now


Glad to hear it! Keep on surviving :slight_smile:

literally all i got was sandy jesus negan limited and acendable negan

Alpha is the best

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