Who has the best Region?


Up until we reopened I would have said any of the others :laughing: But now DADE is clearly the best. At least in the eyes of those of us who kept the faith and continued grinding in the dead zone.

For us the game has never been sweeter. New friends, 100% faction activity and some actual competition building up.

What makes your region great?


Sucks for the new people , they have no chance in that region lol


The piles of salt from some people


Not at all @Bob! The new players are being quite competitive already. As there were only one or two factions left in the region, we spread out. Over half of the top faction is made up of new players, who have impressive 5 star rosters already. There is a completely new faction who came in second in the last tournament. So while they obviously can’t beat us in war, etc, what they lack in strong team they make up for in tenacity and get more wars in than us.


Crenshaw. Still fairly competitive (Even for F2P’ers) after opening in the Spring. Not much drama. Really nice region especially compared to Chilton


Chilton is pretty cool, IMO.

Worth (region) forever though.


Jenkins is the greatest region ever it has the most friendly and peaceful people join today and don’t miss out