Who else likes Dark souls?

Praise the sun!!

Anybody else into the soulsbourne Franchise?


Never played ds but by your pic im guessing you’re into fallout, you getting 76? Im waiting on it, idk ow the no npc will work, i love the story and wanna learn about vault tec more, maybe more of the enclave not run and gun and it looks more like a monster hunter game than normal fo so im waiting on it but i prob will get it, fo is amazing and bethseda is an amazing gaming company unlike some others lol

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Yep all the darksoul game are fairly good and I like fighting the other players

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After my first playthrough i can’t enjoy every new game that’s coming out :man_shrugging: best game series and i. m. o. to underated. Perfect gameplay. Perfect dark fantasy story. etc :rofl:

I have platinum on every dark souls game +bloodborne

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Best game franchise ever.

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Got every achievement in dark souls 3 and beat all the games

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Do i have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy the dark souls franchise? From what i heard i am going to die alot and it would be frustrating, is this true?

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Yeah you will have to gid gut

Yeah… thats not for me then, I’m more of an rpg guy games like Dragon age , baldur’s gate and icewind dale.

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Dark souls 3 And bloodborne are not that hard to beat,its more streamlined then ds 1 or 2.give it a try

Amazing games.

I fell in love with Demon Souls when it first came out and each iteration of the Dark Souls has held true while slowly innovating on the experience.

First play through must be without help (internet faqs, etc).

After that I like chasing down all the little secrets.


Yeah man I’m going to, but waiting until the bugs and stuff have been ironed out. Intrigued as to how it will work and such.

Riiiiight! I’m the same on the souls games. Gotta dive right in yourself. And working out little secrets yourself is rewarding af :blush:

Praise the sun

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Praise the sun!!! :grimacing:


Hoping fallout 76 will be great but not so sure.

Also the Starfield title has me jazzed tough I know nothing about it. Always loved space based RPGs. Hopefully it’s Star Ocean meets fallout/elderscrolls

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Dude I freaking love the mass effect franchise so star field immediately caught my attention. With 76 it could be dope af, always wanted to team up with a buddy and roam the wasteland :blush:

Liked the original trilogy. The newer one, not so entertaining. Story didn’t capture my imagination as much as the first series.

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Never played souls but I have broken a controller because of bloodborne

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