Who do you want to see in the next wheels update?

But let us be logical we all know Scopely wouldn’t put Blue Michone or Bruce
So I will go with

5* tokens wheel
Negan ( Bleu )
Fast Beta
Bleu Alpha
Fast Yumiko
Bleu Garrett

Prestige tokens
Strong Began
Strong Connie
Alert Dave
Dwight a new threat
Ezekiel winter edition

Elite tokens
Strong garret

Ascendable from 4*

Rick 15th anniversary
Rosita road to survival #6


Good list and reasonable expectations.
Probably wont be for a couple months yet though.

All the revives to troll even more

We need more Mirabelle

tyreese blue decap needs to be added to toons you can accend from 4star blues, along with yellow ezek, negan, barker . red rosita, blue yumiko, green wyatt. those toons are all so old theres litteraly no reason not to toss them in there (shiva is to good still, and doesnt make since turning a 4star person into a cat :P)

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I think what we all really need is more :cow::bell:


lol nice one yeh it will be so unfaire for a 4* person to become an animal lmao

I think they could take all toons offered in lvl up tournaments and add them to this wheel.

I really think this one needs an overhaul. The slow rate of earning should mean higher value to the player if earned. You can’t short cut this wheel.

Disarms - Bruce, Michonne
Decap - Sandy, Alpha
Bleed - Blue Negan, yShiva
Sheild - Koa, Magna


I still haven’t gotten the toons from the last update.

The only toons I had from thé old wheels were 2 Alpha and Jessie and I didn’t ascend any of them , I just lvl them up and use them as folder later .

Pass tht luck my way

We both know, actually we all know scopley is too greedy to give a disarming toon without $$$ .

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