Who do I ascend?


I’m a total noob when it comes to strategy. My team is currently S1++ and I’m ready to ascend one of my 5 5* characters into a 6 start.

Now I’m stuck deciding which one to take-
My main team consists of:
-Strong Road to survival wyatt
-Alert pam (leader for loot chance bonus)
-Tough “whispers into screams” Eugene
-Alert “All out war” Mark (for AOE damage)
-Strong “road to survival” Negan.
My entire team is maxed out and there’s no way I’m going to become stronger than S1++ without replacing the 4-stars or ascending one of my 5-stars.

I have the following characters ready to ascend:
-Strong “road to survival” Wyatt, the one from my attack/defense team
-Fast barker
-Fast “kirkman special edition” Negan
-Alert “Road to survival” Mirabelle

Additionally, I have a fast “call to arms” vincent who’ll soon be tier 4.

I’m wondering who I should ascend into 6* and who I certainly should not ascend. Who would perform best in my current defense team setup?

I personally liked Wyatt for his additional health and negan for his evasion, but I’ve heard those two shouldn’t be ascended so… I can almost claim the death doubloon maggie, but she’ll be my first reviver - and after ascending, she cant revive anymore…

Any help?


Don’t ascend Negan (he’s pure trash) and Wyatt as first 6*, he needs leader or he dies super fast. You should go with Mira or Vincent (depends who you will run, meele or ranged). Atm looking at your chars I’d go with Vincent, then Maggie, then Wyatt and Barker. In 6* era you don’t need revives to win, so you won’t lose much on Maggie.


Go with boobs mate good leader skill build a team to start u of around her. Baker is good for sr but most green teams take him out easy. The other to are tanks take a lot of hits but do little damage they are good for def mostly.


Thanks for the quick reply. If I go with Mirabelle, who should I replace with her? I’m kind of biased towards going with a ranged team (3/5 from my current team are ranged). I was personally thinking about replacing mark


Thanks for the reply. I read a lot of topics before posting myself and saw people saying mira was a decent one. Kind of liked her 5* ar to avoid losing to a retribution strike, but this is good too!


Definitely Boobs. Go full range.


If you do go with Mira make sure you ascend Ty next. If you don’t have him get him from the depot. He hits like a truck. He’s not great on defense but these days almost no one is. Slap an impair weapon on him if you have one. Also keep an eye out for the Gov from the depot as well. If they ever release his 6-star version he is gonna be one you want on the team as well.

Good luck.


I think Mira is fantastic, especially if you have maxed ranged characters. Next step is crafting a stun gun for her at the armory.


First 6* should be a leader. Mira is great for raiding/war, Vinnie is good for defence, Barker is good for SR.

I suggest ascending Mira. Next, do what IronandWine suggested an get Ty out of the SD. Supply markers are hard to get, but you’ll pick them up quick if you sell all your 2-4* and persona trainers. Don’t sell legendary or 5* trainers.

After that it’s more about what you have at hand. Siddiq can be had from ascension, Yumi is in 5* tokens, and the Governor from the SD should be ascendable soon.

I’m suggesting ranged because it’s what I use to raid/war and it works for me. Ranged seem to have harder hitters at the moment, so they beat the opponent faster. That’s important.

I wouldn’t recommend ascending Negan. I don’t have him, but he never gives me trouble in raids. A tank that doesn’t do much damage at all. He really seems kind of pointless.

I wouldn’t bother with Wyatt either. Pain split with a defence buff can be a pain, especially with hold the line, but that’s about it. He seems more like a defensive toon to me, and I think you should be focusing on attack. Also, his bound weapon means that either you use a heap of resources to get him the right thing, or he misses out. Weapons are just too important to waste resources for one toon unless it’s someone very special, like Shiva.

Barker. I wouldn’t ascend him unless he fills a hole in your roster. That crit leader skill could be very handy for SR, but if you have Molly or any one of a bunch of other toons, you don’t really need Barker. Teams behind him tend to come unstuck very quickly when I raid them, and he has bound weapons too.

I have Vincent, and I use him for my defence team. I really like him on defence, but I have the right combination of toons and weapons to make him work for me. I have used that team on attack, and it’s just not as good as my ranged team.

I hope that clarifies some stuff for you. It’s good you’re taking time to read and asking questions. I hope my answers weren’t too much of a buzzkill.


@chazbennington I would recommend you want a leadership ability in the 40% ranges like mirabelle gives. The only bad thing is that from the looks of it you seem to be very melee heavy for your ascendables. IF you can backup your mirabelle with at least 5* ranged for the last 4 spots then go with her. If not I would go for vincent so you can get some beefy stats from a leader ability and when you ascend the majority of your melee roster you will def feel the progression from it.

Hope that helps.


Wow, thanks for all the replies, never expected such a friendly community. I have quite some ranged characters that I can use with mirabelle as leader.

From the looks of it, I’m taking Mirabelle as team leader. Replacing my 4* negan with a 5* ranged (maxed out) Clementine. Now seeing who to replace Mark and wyatt with. I do have Bruce, but I dont like him all that much.