Who considers their region the strongest in the game


So who considers their region to be one of the most active/strongest in the game?

What’s activity like? And is competition strong at the top?


Terrell… all I gotta say… people fear even the name of my region


Japanese or Russian regions. Nuff said. Cant beat their activity aswell as Russian “team bu(y)ilding”


Bell & Columbia, AINEC


Oh yeah those two Japanese regions aren’t beatable either. But they dwarf compared to the power of Terrell


Is it still dead or did people eventually come in


Not at all, faced y’all multiple times in CRW and layed a beating on that top faction of yours.


Yeah Japanese regions are the crazy ones. If your faction really wants competition like they say they do then go to a Japanese region


Dead asf. Top 3 factions all left


Right now, the strongest region in terms of average player is troup. Notorious, legacy, infamous, and mofos, all in one place.


Notorious is the strongest faction by far but Lowndes as a region is much stronger then Troup.


Preach it fellow Troup


two top faction have left already from there, so might be dwindling


In terms of activity, sure. If we matched in CRW, I’m not sure if anyone from lowndes would get on the podium.


Yes sir, I’m down with that


If your correct about the top two factions leaving Lowndes then you would be right about Troup being the strongest.


It sucks that the region died, I’d say 3 of the top 5 factions in the game are currently in troup. We would be a CRW powerhouse if everyone stayed


Taco shack left already AND TTT is leaving shortley


Troup will be dead in a week. Then they will move on to the next region to kill.


Notorious is filled with a bunch of savages, crazy strong faction. I doubt even the Russians can take them