Who Comes Up With This 🤣

I just collected my gold bar from the shop and decided to take a look at the “Offers” just for a Laugh like I always do, when I saw this

$75.00 for 34 Regular Area Tickets and a measly 3750 prestige points. :thinking: :man_facepalming:
In what world are 34 area tickets worth $75?!? If that’s the case I have 52 area tickets I’ll sell you for $125 lol

Seriously tho, who in their right mind would think a Bucket would see this offer and say to themselves, “Wow that’s a great deal, I’m gonna buy it” :rofl::rofl::rofl: Hopefully no one :crossed_fingers:

$¢0₱€£¥ you are so out of touch with this game and the players that it’s not even funny anymore!

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There are certainly people buying this offer. Those stupid small-minded type of people who think it is needed in life to waste so much for absolutely nothing in return. :joy:

Then they realize they have to do the same next week again, so they can brag about winning a day in arenas among their gullible faction mates.