Who comes up with these offers?

Popular deal? Really?

Well since they are at it…

@JB.Scopely how about throwing in the tough camo barker? I would be interested in buying him.


Mine just don’t miss out on this great deal.

he is 5* looks more bad ass than all of new released 6* xD you will pay for his skin

i remember when meetimg 2 viktors during raid meant you were fuc*ed…

Is it your cake day?

Nope. Not putting treal life info about me on here.

He was $12 for me and seems like a ok deal just for the tokens


Treal life is serious. Don’t make fun of hims


No one is making fun of him we all know he is Super Cereal.


Why so cereal?

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The 750 prestige points are the real draw

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