Who cheats? or knows someone that does cheat?

So I’ve known some in the past.If it be a bug, glitch, exploit, buy cheap, refund warrior, straight up changing code.
Any have some cool stories getting away with it and feel good or getting them caught and feel good? haha

Why in the hell would someone incriminate themselves on here?


No one going be this dumb maybe your in %1 in this game

I had to leave a faction due to some people using a coin loader. The reasoning behind it was he was getting his deals from Scopley and gave them an actual receipt for what he was doing. Is this actually possible and due I owe them an apology?

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I cOmE fRoM a FaMiLy Of ChEaTeRs

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Likely.Saw an old video of a guy using game guardian and he sent it for educational perposes to them lol.

Back in the 5* era (2015) there were a lot of cheaters in my region. There was a guy who had like 3 5* Jesus (Whispers) On the team 1 week after he was released.

Tiger woods. Lance armstrong. Tanya harding.

How did tiger cheat?

Ask his ex wife.


With about 20 women


Lol forgot about that. I was only thinking about golf

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His wife chased him with a golf club so kinda golf


omg hes a genius. teach me

I think you better rephrase your question. “Who doesn’t cheat? Or knows someone who has never exploited, cheated or hacked?”

That should narrow the search field. Everyone knows someone who cheats, buys from hackers, hacks or has exploited the game in some form. Besides, it would make for a more interesting story to know of people who are staying strong on the hackers/exploiters/buyers/refunders riddled regions.

Speak for yourself i dont know anyone tht has cheated in any form on this game.

Ignorance is bliss

I use wall hack and aim bot, hs all tat time

I wish i could cheat to even out my gear…

Zero binocs, zero alpenstocks.


Nice try. Tell your lawyer to try a different route. I’ve never cheated on you and this was a sad attempt to get me to admit it.

You’ll never get half.