Who can give me a real explanation to how this is working.?

Who can help me clarify or figure this out.? My S class priya has 43% attack on her fixed weapon. Recently I have been using a double attack hun with her with 46% attack. When swapping guns out that 3% extra attack is giving her over 1,000 extra attack.? The numbers do not add up at all. Swapping guns again, I swap with a weapon that only has 30% attack. 13% less attack but yet her attack stat remains the same. The numbers do not make an sense at all. I’m not a math genius but figuring out how much more attack she should get with the percentage isnt hard to do. How are the numbers so far off, its completely insane. And feedback.?.?.?

can you show a SS of her without weapon / lead bonus? I want to know her base attack stat just to do some math. Thanks (and mods for attack just the total of what they equal please)

Yeah that is definitely wrong. We’d need to see the base stats and mods to do the calculations and check which is right.

Remember though, that 43% weapon is actually 30% x 5% x 5% x 3% - more like 48%. Not that that explains the issue, just that your 46% weapon is actually about 4% more powerful than your 43% weapon and 22% more powerful than your 30% weapon.

That’s just a visual bug she has the correct attack stat on battle , remove the toon from your team and add it again

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