Who asked for armory currency?

The upcoming armory will be the thing that broke the love for RTS for many. Sickens me, developers are ruining the joy of this game for me. Armory currency?? No one asked for it and it’ll widen the gap between the ftp, the moderate spenders and the whales. Well done Walter Driver.


Look it looks great and pretty fun just have fun

Nah man.

What was the quote from Tucker about creating secondary currencies?

Do you think it will create a bigger gap? I mean I figure it will at least be as easy to get as 4* parts? Wouldn’t you think? Like the SR tokens and stuff. They will have to have availibility at least the same? Maybe? I hope. I would like to try it out before I say anymore.

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The currency will be PTP

That’s rather optimistic, considering… Scopely

That’s why the question mark. Lol. Wishful thinking.

I hate when companies monetize a normal way of gameplay.

Almost everyone asked for it, they just didn’t know it.

Player demand #1: No one should ever need or want anything in this game, especially not things that at any point in the game were plentiful.

Player demand #2: The rewards for playing/placing should be exactly what we want and need, and not the stuff that we have more than enough of.

One of the only ways to even come close to fulfilling these contradictory demands is to keep adding new currencies.

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It isn’t even a normal gameplay. I mean their fake rng is just everywhere especially in the armory.

I mean like armory. Armory was fine as it is. Adding tokens is just gonna make it harder. These 5* weapons are gonna be useful af for non assigned s class

Yes sure, the armory is or was actually okay as it is aside of the fact that their famous rng trolled us for years.

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The rng did fuck me over. Im experiment with a 200 glock to try and get stun.

Dude to craft 3rd slot weapons effects still won’t need tokens and we r just going to have to see how available these tokens are

The rng did fuck me over. Im experiment with a 200 glock to try and get stun.

First experiment failed.

Im gonna get resources for def and retry

Oh ok. Daily vk check time

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