Who are these characters?

Inspired by @Dr.Mekar

Basically, I took screenshots of 4 characters from my roster, cropped a bit, and that’s about it.

Your goal is to see if you can guess which character it is just by looking at whatever part of them I’ve decided to crop to.

image image image image

the quality is aids but it will have to do :sunglasses:

The First one could be Teresa on Tier 1.
The Second one is defenitly Matt.
The Third One is 5* LE Dwight
And the fourth one is 5* OG Red Magna

oh come on
you got 3/4

I need to try harder

Sorry :sweat_smile:. The First is 5* Ascendable John by the way

h O w

I spent way too much time inside my Roster I guess :joy:.

I mean honestly same

but I don’t have many toons so

well, as many as other people

I do though Level 3 and 4 Stars for Ascendance at the moment, so I’ve 16 of each.

Honestly I just horde characters because why not

hence the reason I have a million 4s and 3s

I have a Team for everythink with my 5 Favorite Characters for 4 and 5 Stars:

And these are the Teams for Character I still need Max for Ascendance. The 1* is a Placeholder since I already have enougth Blue once the shown are throught: