Who are these characters? [2]

Let’s try This again :slight_smile:

I cropped on some characters from my roster, and it’s your goal to see if you can find out what characters they are based on what you see.
image image image image


I have attempted once again

In order:

Wyatt or Yellow 6* Morgan
3* Red Lee or 5* Red Lee

Sarah: Correct
Wyatt: Incorrect
Morgan: Incorrect
Lee: Incorrect
Cain: Incorrect

I have done it

I have made a decent one

My other dad…He run off with James as …He was like a mother to me…But with a penιs

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Replace Lee with Telltale Mark

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Mark is…

Co R r eCT

Mark died too soon


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oh. okay then.

Defenitly Agreed. He really had more potential

A lot of characters did, but TellTale had no idea what to do with them, I guess

I am now going to make a list of TellTale’s TWD characters who I feel like should have survived longer, as they had a lot of potential.


Marlon was so wasted

he was such an interesting character, and I felt like he could have survived to have an epic heroic arc in the end

Screw Screaming Sarah and Nick. I agree with the rest though Mitch really did killed himself.

I feel like Sarah could have survived and been taught to survive by Clem or some shit like that, becoming a decent character.

I honestly, kinda liked Nick, for some odd reason. I feel like he could have lived longer than he did, maybe him dying on the ice instead of Luke (that death still is, and forever will be, complete bullshit.)

TellTale sorta just disposed of characters after they were done with them, and it’s really stupid

According to someone at Skybound (I think it was someone at Skybound who said this, not 100% sure), Mitch was supposed to have a knife in his hand (the one he was carving in Ep. 1), meaning he could have successfully attacked, had it not been for the goddamn war cry.

Yeah, that’s the main problem of Season 2.

Almost the entire Season 2 cast was disposed of after their main stories were done, same goes for Season 3.

Lame: 100