Who Are The New Beta Teast 6* Toons?

I understand some new 6* are available to test in the beta region?

We’ve already seen the new Chainsaw Alpha, but who else is available there to play with?

New Lori? Are any of them legacy ascendable?

Come on Beta dudes, give us the details.

Just Alpha is new, the rest are already in the game

  • Erika
  • Disarm Michonne
  • Disarm Bruce
  • Decapitate Alpha
  • Impair Gun Jesus
  • Koa
  • Kal
  • Aris
  • Carl
  • Mirabelle
  • Dante
  • Guardian Ezekiel
  • Winter Shiva
  • Dwight
  • “Rise To Power” Rick
  • Guardian Hershel
  • Siddiq
  • Shiva
  • Glenn
  • Yumiko

Seems like the more recent promos and the more popular and sought after f2p and past promos.

So that everyone can have a feel of the characters when they come back in a promo or if you are unsure who to ascend (in regards of f2p).

Well done, Scopely btw. THIS is one of the things beta testers were asking for ages!

You should do this with ALL the 6* past, present and future. That’s the whole purpose of the Beta!

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It doesn’t seem that the 6* is there solely for their testing; they’re going to be needed to test FA.

That.s a shame, thought I’d seen Too Far Gone Bruce in there, must have been Siddiq

Too Far Gone Bruce? Do you have any screenshot of him? I can’t recall

This dude.

I think you’re talking about the other Bruce.

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Oh of course, disarm Bruce :+1:t2:

The Disarm specialist icon is pretty similar to the Indomitable one. Now I know where you got mixed up.

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