Who actually uses silver and bronze radios?

Scopely still thinks we use these radios for something. I am curious who still uses these? Why not make these radio RM into 4* and 5* gear maps?


No one 7 chars


absolutley noone
but scav camp to get one take 6 days

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I’ve never used one, except the free one they force you to use. At the beginning, I thought I’d better wait until I have more energy so I can play it more often, later I wouldn’t waste energy on them.


Even when I started in the game I don’t used. Imagine now I reached lvl 146.

They used to actually be usable (A.K.A they’d drop quite a bit of food and the desired gear from the map)
But now they got changed to suck, it was a ■■■■■■■ stupid change and it’s especially stupid in an era where the gear from them is basically nothing


I use silver ones on 6* that don’t have any mods

not mods we talk the silver wakie talkie radio

Oh nah I don’t use them got over 100 of them

184 bronze 115 silver

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A museum collection where we could exchange them for gear… or maybe gold radios. That would be nice.


I am going to put my hand my ( very gingerly) and say yes I use the Silver radios… It seems for me and my bucket that I never have enough fingerless gloves! The silver radio’s are the cheapest and most reliable way for me to the gloves and also the compasses.

Weird flex, but ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Newbies/minis who can’t win them because they don’t have the gear they reward to level up toons so rosters are strong enough to win them. #scopelylogic

I would actually use them if the gear was changed back to food.
This was a great place to farm at one time.

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I use them on a baby account I started

Here too, although I may have used a few in the past because I only have 200 of each left.

Yep, that’s when I used to use them, before there were so many daily maps that you need cans to complete them too. There was often a decision to be made how to use that “extra energy”.

277 bronze 242 silver
Sitting right next to my broken candy canes, dirty Santa hats, old stockings, and shattered ornaments.
Btw I have over 75k shattered ornaments

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Nope newbies will use them for the first week or 2