Whispers stash gate!

Another gate where scopley didn’t say anything about it
Soon we will see a post about 250 players getting all tokens to complete the stash .
Really scopley ?
How you expect as to stay in game where only lucky guys who get to know gates before the end of events gets all the good stuff ?
So far this is the worst gate , I didn’t know anything until I saw lockdown video on YouTube.
So 5 of the best ascendable and hundreds of trainers and a lot of gears znd more to those who exploit the gate . Where we get one unlucky pull ( a burt) ?
So it’s one of two things here scopley
1 - reroll all accounts who gets to get dr. Stevens for free
2- give a good compensation to those who didn’t, I don’t say give dr.stevens but I think a Choice box of 2k cards will be somehow better than nothing

Have a nicd day @WalkerTexasRanger


@MartyMcfly TJustT taking your credit lol


I got all the stuffs all of it

That was “A quiet gate”

Yes, because every time it’s been mentioned in the past the following has happened.

  1. Rollback
  2. Those who benefitted rag on the whistleblowers so hard they don’t do it again.

This is meant to be a community, isn’t it?

Dont forget while transfers are going on in wave 1 some people was able to complete it twice for free

I was waiting for something to be said after people watched lockdowns video

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Damn. I missed out on something again. I suck at this gate thing.


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