Whispers map, awesome. Could've been world map?


As much as it was nice to have this map for something more to do, this could’ve been a part of the world map instead of being a roadmap. Especially since they used characters from RTS story as well as from the main comic. Please bring back more world stages like the whisperers’ story, and continue Negan’s arc. So much can be added to the story! Make polishing kits, duct tape, and Ulysses farmable. Just saying : )


Does it even matter? They’ve done roadmaps that cover the beginning to AOW to the Whisperers. At this point, we should consider that these roadmaps are part of the story. Although I’m sure we haven’t seen the gang arrive at Alexandria or maybe I just wasn’t here for that roadmap.


Who cares about the Story mode? the roadmaps tell enough story as it is, they dont need to clog up the game and our devices with more wasted features


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