Whisperers roadmap

Just an idea re the whisperers. How about a roadmap or roadmap stage(s) that appear to be all walkers but actually contain some Whisperers who will fight back?


They have it. First wave walkers, second wave humans. :slight_smile:


I think he means humans dressed as walkers in a walker stage. I brought this idea up when the whisperers map was first coming out.


It’s the reflect damage roadmap in sr :joy:



Similar but that tends to only be one or two walkers and you know which ones - this would be a number of walkers who look like normal walkers so a) it’ll be unexpected and b) you won’t know which are walkers and which are whisperers until they attack you, adding an extra dimension to it.

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As if Scopely needs any more ideas.

ooooh thats a great idea, why havent we thought of it…? oh its already in the comics? :+1:

Yes, we know. They are called the Whisperers. It is literally what the thread is revolving around…

To be honest, I think Scopely missed a trick. Even if the Whisperers behaved identically to walkers (because they don’t used ranged weapons, right comic buffs?) some new character models would have been a quick win to making it a bit more interesting.

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But I want to see one with a chainsaw!

You want to see a whisperer who literally freaks out when too much noise is made wielding a chainsaw? That’s ridiculous!


i made this idea up about a year ago lol


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but they would need to be all yellow

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Great idea Barry…!!!

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