Whisperers path 8 9 10

Just wondering if anyone could tell me what I’ll be facing on those stages.
Also what characters to use for each stage. Using only legacy characters and ftp ones. By ftp I’m not talking about characters that you got from wheels with coins you spent months watching videos from coins and maybe got lucky.
I thank you in advance for any help.
I also tried searching for posts about this, I thought it had been asked before, but I either just can’t find it they are titled something other then “whisperers path help”

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6*Humans with load ton of def and hp, hard af

All 3 are humans?

Hope this helps. Saw it awhile back in FB group.


There is a thread here with photos. Have a punt with search and you might be able to locate it if no one can link to it

I think the traits are random though for the human states so being your best all around team.

Watch out with 8. It changes so can sometimes start with Walkers then Humans but next time changes to Humans then Walkers. 9 & 10 are tough but a bit more predictable, think they are always Human.

Yeah I am just going to have to say screw it on this one no way any of my ftp teams or shitty weapons is beating it.
Nothing beats auto play without using auto play.
To be honest though I’ve never once beaten any of the nightmare things, this one is the farthest I’ve gotten.

I’m stuck on stage 10 right now. Sooo pissed… 120 wasted masks if I can’t find a way…

That’s the part that sucks I got suckered into thinking it would be like the other two. Should have just saved the mask’s.
I could have sworn I read the shortcut one was supposed to be the hardest of them all. Guess both weren’t for average players to do.

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