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It wasnt obvious to everyone as they have been asking since the start about masks. While i did see that it would be very easy to obtain the items without hitting every milestone that doest change the fact that when events are coming a clear guideline and transparency would go along way. My personal issue is more communication all around instead of leaving people to guess. Reguardless how simple the math is or isnt. Alot of times questions go unanswered and players become frustrated, if there was a description like the one above we would have somewhere to to check.


Will all roadmaps be available for free or will some take couns


Gear drought 2019? The league store provides all the necessary gear needed for players. But if that is not enough, this is always the $99.99 gear pack you can buy to t4 1 trait if you don’t have any of the gear for that specific trait.

You barking up the wrong tree cause this has been swept under the rug like most things players have needed.


Not to excuse the clandestine ways, but…

These launched with the event. It sux we have to scrutinize so much. But, at this point, it should be an automatic reaction.


Faction Survival Road will end at 10pm 3/24 and Whisperer Event collection will end at 12am 03/25 so you will have about 2 hours to get the Scalpels. As you can get them through the milestones (which shoots out right as you it it) you will not have to wait for the ranks rewards.

For Faction level up and Fact raid, they will include the collection items.

Michelle Item Guide
Michelle event muesum items

Awesome, the confirmation is much appreciated. I’ll updated my thread on this to reflect it.


Thanks for the recap GR or The Rock.


The Rock:Fitting for a cm that rarely comes out of that rock

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