Whisperers Event

Hey everyone,

A quick recap of the details regarding the current Whisperers Event.

Event timeline:

  • Event Start: 03/01/19 12am PST
  • Event End: 03/24/19 12am PST
  • Collection Ends: 03/25/19 12am PST

Players will Collect the following Collectible Items:

  • Walker Masks
    • Source: Seven 1 Act Roadmaps
  • Dynamite:
    • Source: Level Up Tournaments Milestones
  • Sewing Kits
    • Source: Raid Tournament Milestones
  • Scalpels
    • Source: Survival Road Tournament Milestones
  • Matchbooks
    • Source: CRW Milestones

Players will redeem these Collectibles in the Museum for the following Rewards:
Collection 1:

  • Limit: 1
  • Requirements:
    • 7 Walker Masks
    • 3,000 Dynamite
    • 1,000 Sewing Kits
    • 500 Scalpels
    • 100 Matchbooks
  • Reward:
    • Michelle

Collection 2:

  • Limit: 20
  • Requirement:
    • 350 Dynamite
  • Reward:
    • 1 Defense Set Gold Mod Box

Collection 3:

  • Limit: 20
  • Requirement:
    • 50 Sewing Kits
  • Reward:
    • 1 Attack Set Gold Mod Box

Collection 4:

  • Limit: 20
  • Requirement:
    • 20 Scalpels
  • Reward:
    • 1 HP Set Gold Mod Box

Collection 5:

  • Limit: 20
  • Requirement:
    • 10 Matchbooks
  • Reward:
    • 1 Crit Set Gold Mod Box

Thanks… but this would be appreciated at the beginning of events next time please. Thanks.


@GR.Scopely thanks for this. Better late than never.

I’m sure you will get this question a lot, so why not head it off and add the answer here:
On the final weekend of the event, the expected (subject to calendar confirmation) Faction Survival Road will end at the same time as the collection (i.e. 03/25/19 12am PST) - can we assume that this event will not have Scalpels? Can we also assume the preceeding Faction Level up and Faction Raid (which would end by 03/24/19 12am PST) will have collection items?


@GR.Scopely thank you for this. This is much better than the math others were trying to promote and coming from a reliable source, we can now be happy about Michelle.


this was much needed and yes probably would have been better to explain/share this before the event started.


What math?

This information was sent to inbox hahaha. you guys licking Scopleys balls


But why ruin a good drama?

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Yay…this is great news!

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Scopely transparency. Is this the wave of the future?

Make one more sentences with masks. Michel is need on CRW

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You know what, having reread it, you are right. There is literally nothing here which isn’t confirmed in the inbox message, the in-game “news” items for the roadmaps and looking at the museum collections. It actually adds no value from what the players have determined already…


Good point. Need some sort of entertainment around here.

Thank you :pray:


Merci Merci <3

A… Bout time. Finally the answer to masks. Information is still always appreciated so thanks for that late as it is.

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Definitely something that should be done well before the event starts even. When players have to do maths and speculate and others don’t know if they can trust scopely despite the looks of a f2p event its quite sad. This company tends to be great in causing doubt in people. Even obvious things are no longer reliable (that caps and jackets will stay in league store, we assume that they will remain the same next season but no one has confirmed )
Now @GR.Scopely can we get the issue of the gear drought of 2019 addressed?


Aside from the masks, the math was pretty simple on this event IMO. You could tell that you didn’t need to hit all of the milestones for every tournament right off the bat given the duration of the event.

More applicable example would be the Road Warrior event, where players needed to hit almost all of the milestones to participate in the daily event roadmaps, while measuring how much additional raid refills must be spent to farm additional tires.