Whisperer on Hordes sometimes just stands there, does nothing


As a heads up, ive used whisperers in the past and had 2 toons left to kill, no stun guns/swords, no stun turrets nothing, yet they stand there for 4/5 turns and do nothing, happened a few times in the past, can be very annoying, dont know why, theres no stun on their icons above their head either, they just give up on moving altogether and eventually dies.

i’ll try and vidcap this happening again

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If there is no space to move towards the enemy character they will stay stationary


no he or 2 of him will be he only ones left on the field, just happened now 2 blue toons left and they dont hit everytime, its like the whisperer sign pops up over there head but doesnt hit/move or do anything.

with there being blues left, they dont have a stun facility or any turrets left, its definitely a bug that needs sorting out


Did they camo? Technically Whisperers aren’t walkers, but in-game they’re treated as such. (Buffs, action cards stated for walkers work on them)

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no, unfortunately there was no camo, the 2 blues were mackenzie and douglas, no turrets


Maybe Gator was there blocking you, but you couldn’t see because of camo

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Gator is the new John Cena


no gator, there was also no michonne etc just 2 blues, they would hit once every 5 turns or something close to that


Mine did that also yesterday. I made a post but no one replied lol


They just stood there whispering until they were dead didn’t move nothing in the way.


Happen to me too. Also sometimes they die for no reason :confused:


There’s a turret that stuns every turn…


the turrets are destroyed at the very start

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