Whisperer event stash gate compensation


Hi guys,

So the Whisperer event stash has just finished and a number of us in the community have been screwed over.

I spent money on this event across three accounts to get a few pulls only to find out that a select few people have been able to complete the stash for free because of holding onto some expired falcon assault tokens.


Now I don’t blame those people who took advantage of this, but I do find it grossly unfair that I spent money on something that they got more of, FOR FREE

I think something really needs to be addressed here. They got good six star characters, loads of gear and trainers that really does give a leg up on the average Joe.

Also, I find it sad that so many people knew about this, yet said nothing because of what has happened in the past when this has been mentioned. Real “community spirit”.

I don’t often have negative things to say about RTS, as it’s given me a lot of enjoyment over the years, but this is really terrible. Please don’t sweep it under the rug.

Can we expect some compensation? At least for those who paid money on this stash?

@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron


Did they patch it?

No idea, will be interesting to see the response

Wait a min I had leftover coins from doing 1 pull. I think they did patch it cause I dont see the stash in premium anymore so RIP. (Only gate I didnt miss was jonesgate and only benefitted due to me being at lunch)

Some people was also able to transfer regions and complete it twice

Won’t stop me from asking the question.

I find it deeply disappointing that it is not being addressed.

Also, the fact that when something like this is brought to light, you just feel like you are being salty, as opposed to feeling justified for asking for a fair go for paying customers.


@LadyGeek can you merge these threads? There are a few on the same topic now. Please :wink:

We should at the very least get free walker head masks

Yeah those of us that spent should get some sort of compensation

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Yeah, i spent for the first two offers and got only trainers…

I purchased the first 3 offers and was lucky enough to get doc and slator along with a few trainers and gear but still if people were able to complete the whole thing free thats not fair.

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There are those who spent money on that wheel and it turns out that to some players you have converted tokens that they had aside in the whisperer wheel tokens, I find it absurd, more than 250 people completed the wheel and got dr steven, in addition to the 49 more rewards, plus 800 cards or cakes. How can you keep up if you do these things? Who has not been helped by you and has been disadvantaged what will you do to remedy it?

Wow this is complete unfair even for the ones that didn’t spend money, I dont blame nobody for hording or saving rewards until the last minute, but few luck ones wiped the board getting all kinds of resources that we all must needed,don’t know exactly how to compensate or penalize people for exploiting, not their fault at all but it shows some lack of planning and executing procedures, not knowing how it will affect the entire community, does not necessarily need to be tested before but check the items that we already use in the past if not just create a new item ,just like it can be created a new S class every other week,create new item every time something new comes out for people to collect .

@WalkerTexasRanger are we going to get a response on this issue? Being someone who spent on the wheel myself and got single trainers, I’m keen to understand what is going to be done about this issue.
Please don’t repeat history of other CMs by leaving the player base to answer questions. An official response would be the right move here if you are serious on wanting to be a positive change in this community. Thanks

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MO of this game, happens all the time unfortunately. Good reason to never spend I guess, no one likes being the sucker.


Honestly does anyone really expect an answer like all other gates they will just throw it under the rug it’s not even worth the effort even tho that is some real bs how if you transferred you got the stash twice if you had them tokens

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Here we go again - this will turn into the next “Jonesgate” thread.

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Seriously, why do people still spend money in this game?


Could you not try just getting refunded like people did when they found out about the bucket system

Or, radical suggestion here, stop spending on a pos game that has consistent form in fuck ups?

Anyone who didn’t take advantage of this only has themselves to blame, take the L and move on