Whiskey droprate reduced

As titles says. Got only 1 per raid. 15 in 15. Before i got 3 up to 5 per raid. Anybody else experienced the same?

nope got 2 10s in 6

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Just bad rng I think. I got between 3 and 10 on each in 6 raids.

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Happened to me. Have 8 bottles from 5 raids (I lost one in my free energy after starting today). Also, counting the badges, it seems I didn’t collect a badge on Thursday, but must have won at least 15 raids back then… comparing to Tuesday and Wednesday where I earned the badge for less than 10 raids, I say it is a significant drop that puts the “log in once, max twice per day” players at a serious disadvantage…

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My rng is shit I got 7 bottles in 6 raids

Conspiracy theory…lol

Got 22 in my 1st 6 then of course 6 in my next 6. Decided to wait for the next energy - got one to take it to 29.
It’s not like it’s difficult to make a daily 30 but 7/7 when 8/7 or better would have done is just a p.ss take and beyond reasonable probability. Not a great inconvenience but another example of a set up.

Yesterday’s drop rate was okay for me. I even got 10 whiskeys in one raid. But today, it seems like 3 or 4 is the highest I can get per raid. Not that its hard to get 30 whiskeys a day, but seems like drop rates are better during its first few days hahaha.

Today 28 in 6 raid

Are bottles dropping during scouting? Cos scouting on top of all the raids needed will soon eat in to people’s supply of cans. Probably working as intended though.

Didn’t see any when scouting

Scouting is quite useless. Have stopped doing that since most of my fac mates don’t benefit of the advice usually and myself either can take the team or not, scouting won’t help much.

Add in the fact that some 10% players switch their defenses 10 seconds before battle starts and that the number of fac tickets and league points is significantly lower vs raids…

Really, I thought the league trophies for scouting were better than raiding? Need to check that

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