While Scopely is at it

Since Scopely is actually working actively on the game at the moment, how about you fix/change some of stuff for the better.

Like adressing the issue with the gear depot and the amount of food, we can buy there. We have asked over the course of months to change a single digit there. After last nights ‘fixes’, I’m pretty confident again, that you can do it. No need for clickfest anymore.


It doesn’t hurt them so they dont care. Keep on surviving.


don’t worry they will add that feature for club members while they are at it. :triumph:

How about getting rid of territories popups too. Nothing like the fun of letting your game sit there for a full minute everytime you turn it on because the popups make it unplayable


oh right add this to club features aswell @JB.Scopely

That’s actually an excellent point. Changing the 10k to 100k and the 100k to a million should be much easier than a total UI overhaul.

But I guess that’s not as important as selectively rolling back screw ups.

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Yea. It has been brought up over and over and over again. It shouldn’t take them 10 minutes to change that. But it costs us hundreds of clicks each Level-Up. This just shows how much Scopely values their customers.

And don’t get me startet about bugs that have been in game over months…


Starting to wonder if there’s a reason they want us in a complacent, automatic, click-happy mentality…


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