Which, witch is which?


which one should get a ticket to toon town to get their t4 certificate…(i can see that rick needs a little lvling up to do)Screenshot_20180505-161650


Shiva force zek


maggie is only toon i use in both attack and defend teams as well as raids


Yeah Maggie is good I have have her at t4 but kinda regret it because zek is better for attack imo




i also have another negan , vincent, or barker to do…im trying to finish my fast toons…
maggies attack weapon is better than zekes crit…only ab0 is for negan


Zeke or Maggie. She can take a beating but Zeke is so much more versitle. He’s esential in sr and fa.


Zeke, the hat is great. Barker has a great t4 outfit if you’re into fashion :+1:


thanks guys…ended up t4 zeke…my 3rd t4 toon as ftp player


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