Which weapons to upgrade

Zander, Alice, lacerated shiva, Michelle, Harper, decap sandy, Tobin, Charlie, ryker and dual decap Michelle. Fixed weapon toons. Any worth upgrading to 5 star weapons? Already did Pete. Or should I upgrade absolute defense weapons or a stun weapon etc… I have several different ones of that. Thoughts? I know s class you should do first that’s why I did Pete and don’t have priya yet. Christa and kapoor don’t have attached weapons and don’t have any other. What is everyone doing? Thanks for the help

Shiva might be an option, if you can get the epic trait that extends DOT by 1 turn she should be able to do some ridiculous things.

Generally though, from the point of long-term value, it might be best to just wait, if you don’t have fixed weapons on an Sclass left. New style stun/impair weapons will be much better than the existing ones, so in the long term it will probably be mostly wasted. Since that might take some time though, and especially if you’re trying to complete the event missions, picking a perfect switchable weapon that you use a lot might be a good idea. Fixed weapons of 6* are probably low value - the 6* that will presumably be somewhat relevant for longest will be the support/utility characters, like diego, disarms, etc. and in general raw stats will not be as relevant for them - they’re not going to deal or body a lot of damage either way. Exception of course is if you have a particular epic trait with lots of synergy in mind,

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Thanks for your help much appreciated

No to any of them.

Looking through the list again, Harper might not be a bad idea - the weapon special is already quite good, disams should be useful for a while (esp with a def debuff), and yellow has the critical expert epic trait, which will guarantee a crit, so 100% chance to disarm (unless resisted). That allows you to remove crit from her weapon/mods, and either go defensive to have her survive Raulito, or heavy on attack - with guaranteed crits, +45 attack weapon and crit damage mods the damage output should still be decent.

It’s a quite heavy investment though, so I’d still be cautious.

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You could put a 200% attack weapon on her she would still be weak and no way you would waste devastation attempts on bound weapon when you can weapon swap.

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I would focus on upgrading your non-fixed weapons first. Those can be swapped to be used instead of fixed weapons but the opposite is not true. So they will have much better long term value than fixed weapons on characters that may not be relevant in the future.

Or alternately save up resources for Priya. The weapon effect that attacks 3 on crits looks like it’d be pretty ridiculous on her, just imagine her doing 9 attacks with her rush. But again, if you create a non-fixed blue weapon with it, then you could just give it to her via weapon swap. And then all your other blues will get it too.

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