Which Wanderer Looked Better/Cooler?

  • 5* Wandererimage
  • 6* Wandererimage

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Let me know what you think by replying

I like both. I just feel like it needed more grit and grime. Kinda like the reverse Knox makeover


6 star wanderer sort of missed the mark of what made the original’s design so cool. The original is very “the road”-esque, and it’s easy to see the character as being set many years into the apocalypse, whereas the ascension looks more like your average neighborhood anarchist. Nevertheless, the character could be redeemed with some new versions.


Like you even had to ask. The artwork used to be a highlight of the game. Now it’s all generic and severely lacking any detail.

Everyone looks like they stepped out of a J.Crew catalog. Just plain awful.


I think Barker looked better as a 5* too


6* works at McDonalds,:scream: 5* way better.


The coloration has changed. The older designs were closer to the older walking dead comics, around the prison era, with darker shadows, more contrasts, hard edges, and a dirtier, gritter look. The newer designs are much more reflective of adlard’s style as it currently is, which is less contrasts and thus fewer dark shadows, soft and rounded edges, and much softer fine details instead of dots and grit.

A great example of this is the old design for 5 star larger world Andrea compared to the updated design. A completely different stylistic approach, while still retaining its core identity.


Ninja power bros

Cool. Thanks for the info. Been meaning too but I never read any of comics. Telltale is what got me into TWD then the show which sadly the last few seasons has been crap. Just like this game yet I continue to watch and play. I need help. :grin:

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