Which Toons Should I Ascend?

hi guy, sorry about opening a new thread on this topic. the other similar threads have been closed.
please help me decide which toon i should ascend, due to limited medals. I have enough medals for 6 ascensions.


I don’t know what 6*s you do have of course, if any, but Carl, Mira/Wanderer, Andrea to a point, are staple leads that you should build around first. Donnie too but no experience with. Solange is a must for revive.

I’d say Solange, then establish a ranged attack team, so Wanderer, Mira, Andrea, Donnie, Lori? (Handy for focus)

Your melee toons are more defensive in nature, while important, good to get a working att team first. Abe is a melee att lead, but he means you have to build your toons rather defensively if they’re to survive. Mira/Wanderer are more balanced by giving att and def


ya, solange for sure. the only 6* i have is gator, for farming.

i’m thinking about andrea, with her ar boost, plus mira and wanderer.

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Ja Andrea lead or Mira/Wand, I’m partial to the latter. More def and can put AR on weapons. But you can go Andrea, more AR, but def on weapons (or mods)

hmm… maybe i’ll go with wanderer, i’m more of a defensive player…

Ascend In This Order: Mirabelle, Lori, Andrea Donnie, Solange, Garrett, Carl.

How many can you ascend? It seems weird you only have a six star gator ascended and it seems like you have been playing for a while based on all the f2p login toons you have.

I would, especially as your team heal may have to be Solange, who won’t get lead cover. Best if they all can take a few hits

i think i have asked this before, how do most people set up their teams? depending on the leader skills? or trait advantages?

Andrea, donnie, lori, mira, wanderer, and i suppose solange for a revive.
However if you did abs, carl, carly, solange, mira, donnie. You would have a defense base and an attack base.
Carly is rainbow lead, carl melee lead,
Donnie lead of red /yellow, Mira ranged lead, abe melee attack.
Tbh only having enough for 6 is hard decision but im gonna go with the 2nd set i said because you will have several defense options and offense options. Carly, carl, abe, mira, donnie, and solange.

yes, i have been playing for a while, but i can’t collect enough items to ascend, and level up after ascension.

i ascended gator solely for his farming boost. since i don’t have enough items or trainers for after-ascension, i decided to stay at 5*, because at least i can max their ar charge.

ya, 6 is too few to choose, that’s why i haven’t ascended any of them yet. tough call…

  1. Garret lead, Lori, Solange, Carl and Donnie

  2. Donnie lead, Lori, Maggie, Carley, Mirabelle

  3. Carl lead, Solange, Maggie, Carley, Garret - prob the most tanky defense you have here

  4. Mira lead, Lori, Richard, Donnie and Andrea. Andrea can be switched with Mira, you will lose the 40% hp but gain huge bonus when attacking which will halp rush faster and Andrea hits like a train!

  5. Abe lead, solange, garret, javier, carl or carley

Always focus attack imo, your defense teams arnt gonna help any and even the big spenders cant defend against some teams, attack is better imo


thanks for the suggestion, i do like #3 and #4.

I agree this ain’t bad to start.Get those huge ap bonus weapons for them

Lead skills. Only time I’ll put in a toon outside the lead skill is if it’s a revive, or decap, focus. Key toons. Rest of the time build via them

Donny is awesome. Only have levelled up and already changed my game in survival road. Green Carl, the wanderer, donny, Andrea, carley and Solange would be my choices. I used to love javier but I think he is getting a bit dated now. Still has a place at the front of the right defence team.

Go for leader skills which will boost your five stars until you can ascend more to 6*.

I would start working on offense before defense. I would ascend Andrea, Richard, Donny, Lori, then take your pick between Mirabelle and wanderer.

That’s not in any particular order.

No defense is unbreakable and offense is just more fun