Which Toon Should I Ascend?

Okay So I Have Eight Benidects and im ready to ascend another toon, but who should i Ascend for my teams?
Here is my Defense Team ATM (Im Working on the weapons too)

And all My 6* (1 more to fill the whole top row)

So here are the toons that i have that are ready to be ascended

I am as well working on a ranged team thats why lori and lucas is there

  • Maggie “Road to Survival” #3
  • Shane “Road to Survival” #1
  • Lucas “Road to Survival” #1
  • Lori “Road to Survival” #3

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I’d go for Maggie and replace her with Negan personally


I think Maggie would be good in place of your Negan. Overlapping pain splits sucks but you gain a -Attack debuff. You run a melee team so not sure if range would be good unless you want to start branching out to a range team also. If you are happy with your melee team then Lori might be a good choice I would imagine.

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I am working on a ranged team i have maribelle lead and tyreese but i dont know who to do tbh maybe maggie because she heals and 2 sets of painsplit would be cool tbh

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If you are in the process of making a ranged team then Lori is a fantastic choice with her just being a neutralizer. If you did go ranged to give your roster more depth it can help you out a lot for Survival Road if SR is something that interests you.


Do Lori, a neutralize works on any team

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Im bamboozeld

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You more conerned with raids or SR or wanting a bigger roster? :slight_smile:

You should be able to do Lori free from the museum collection.


Focus on getting your melee team as strong as possible. Maggie is a little tank. She can take a beating. Like some of the others have said ascend her and replace Negan with her. Work on getting all your weapons up to snuff. Once this happens you can then start to branch out and work on your ranged. Ascend Lori through the museum it’s free and keep an eye out for the Governor in the depot. He hits hard and neutralize is your friend.


Yeah but lori and the stash ends on the same time and day

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Lucas for ranged offense.

Maggie for Defense (though she isn’t a huge asset)

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It’s gonna take a little bit of prep work but you can get her ready in one day. Start saving every single 2-4 star trainer you get now. Do not open war chests until you are leveling her so the Burts don’t take up space now. Save every food bag you get from an event.

Eight days prior to the day you will claim Lori start training 2-star citizens. You need 751 of them not counting any extra trainers you might have. Make sure you have enough shirts and gloves. Do not let the timer expire. Keep adding every day until you have enough. You can always cancel out the ones you don’t need at the end.

You need 20 million in food. You can get this from the depot. Just sell things like sneakers and sunglasses and other stuff you have plenty of. Use your markers first. We were given out a decent amount from a few events.

Good luck!


I was slightly hoping more people would chose Shane as a joke. If you’re starting a ranged team, I’d say Lori.

Matter of fact, let me rephrase that. I would say Shane. Only because I’d like to have a healer who wouldn’t get shot down turn 1. Plus recover from confuse to help against Shiva. And the rush is rather fast. Unfortunately, the popular opinion is that Shane sucks monkey ass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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He’s not great by any stretch but it’s never a bad thing to have a healer on the team. If I had Shane I would just for the added use on SR and FA.

Just saw the edit by you. Yep worth it if fodder and medals are not tight.

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If you’re short on fodder, which it sounds you are, definitely do as others have mentioned and prep ahead of time and power level Lori to get the 6* from the museum.

Most defenses are easy to hit and I don’t think any of those toons will make a huge difference for you to be honest. I would look at who you want on your team for the future or to help you attack more. Lucas may be a good chance to run more range on your attack team.

My main team only has SR Zeke for his uses. He can rush turn 2 which would be praised. But if he’s gone, I’m a little done. Shane and Lori on my team would be great for healing and buffing and assuring they won’t die so quickly.

If you watch a load of videos you may be able to get a head start on levelling Lori by purchasing a Lori token or two from the shop for 225 coins. It’ll give you the chance to throw her into a couple of YGL scavenger missions ahead of time. A free legend is a free legend after all. Definitely go for it.

As for who to ascend next? I don’t know haha. I’m garbage at making these hard life choices. I would take Shane, only because I run ranged and have no ranged healers. I have Maggie in my melee team and her heal active skill is pretty handy in a pinch.

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Honestly just need killers.

Healers don’t do much for you unless they come with huge Stat boosts or multiturn heal.

Healers only real value is faction Assault which isn’t a big deal unless your unable to complete tier 6 as a factiom and need a bit more leverage.

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I deffo need the leverage. I take in Tripp under Mirabelle for FA because I have no other alternative. We flopped T6 last time as well. No one in the fac has the roster depth to throw out 7 good attacks. Some of my guys don’t even have 2 full teams of legends.