Which to choose: pete vs mercer

May be but how many people run pete in their attack team? I hardly see them o.o

I run Pete on attack team on my main & on my alt… I’m f2p in a mid lvl faction though lol bet not many p2p in top factions run him on theirs.

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Guy lets see

my ant mercer team

If you dont have team to drestroy mercer team …not my fault

Anti Mercer team…

Works a charm. Works well against Jacki and Angel too. Also works against all other teams but slower than the Carl team I use against others, plus I prefer to have Hengyen in there when I can for his stun, exceptional damage and not having to give a care in the world about revives so tend to only use this team against Mercer and Jacki leads plus Angel leads when I cba to scroll down one and select my Carl team.

Giving Mercer teams a taste of their own medicine just feels beautiful.



I have one attach team with Pete on it. You normally don’t see what people are attacking with in the first place. The exception is when you get raided and you can see what they used. At least in my region people definitely use pete.