Which survival chracter is best for ranged team

i am about to use my buy chracter from my survival markers.Which should be good i have a mainly tough chracter team.

wait, what?

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Are we talking SR Zeke, Doc Stevens and revive Jesus (is that all of them?)

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If you mean buy a character from supply depot, the choice is easy Eric.

Think OP means from Survival Rd depot.

If that is the case, always SR Zeke

Id buy none just buy adens and the box.

With your current setup Jesus would be ideal, but in the future him and Doc Stevens will be almost useless. If we’re talking long-term, I say Zeke, but if you want a quick fix then Jesus is your best bet. Could replace that Andrea :man_shrugging:

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Rosita is so cute with her catgirl hat :smile:

thanks , i was thinking same

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working on this maybe

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