Which S Class would you focus on next?

I have Pete, Christa, Kapoor and am close to Priya (have both 6*, just need more ice cream)

Would obviously like another one that meshes well, but am open to suggestions. Would Raulito be best? I haven’t seen a lot of Guo in fights yet. I think I have this updated correctly, copied this from a spreadsheet I have.


Edit: Also have 1 Laopo, but I just happened to get a lot of chocolate cake, I wasn’t really going for her.


I got raulito and I really like him. I’m after Aarav next. Just bc he has his own weapons. Already got priyas.

Im going for pete, Raulito, priya. Than Henguyen, Aarav

Aarav can evolve to a real monster, even in a defense team!


aarav y wangfa luego princesa!


Dang I’m glad to see all this Aarav support. Lol. Glad I’m 1900 into my first one.lol. sounds like he’ll be worth it in the long run…

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Yeah I like to hear others, since the meta seems to tilted towards Red/Blue still, I wonder when the shift will happen to include fast again.

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It’ll revert back soon I’m sure. Fast has too many great characteristics for them not to cash in on it. Lol

Go for aarav he is not a toon he is a str8 up weapon


Awesome! I love this news! Makes me want him even more! I got Raulito and Priya. Can’t wait to add this guy.

12k attack whoa…

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Since i got him i cant lose. So glad i chose him 1st

Laopo, Raulito, pryia and Arrav in that order

Laopo is a must

If you arent going for Aarav you are falling behind the attack curve

Laopo is more important than aarav if u have Priya

Did you say laopa is more important then aarav? Lol in what world.

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Indian doug broken
On a side note
Daiyu is pretty dedly on the one I faced was behi f a Raulito I thought well its gonna be a ez win
…loses 2 toons to the bleed she just gemrated
Turn 3 am dead
She make you bleed out man

You need a lead skill for def smh
5 aaravs at a class aint gonna win smh

defends all day. Guo will be next