Which s class worth having double?

Priyas, Princess, And of course Traders are no brainer, but what about 2 Shivas, or 2 Rositas?
Which toon do you value more ad a double?


I have 2 Aarav


Yes, looking for 2 double worth in latest s classes

Aside from the ones you mentioned in the OP:
2 Shivas could work in some defences, especially considering the fact that Princess’ normalise isn’t likely to affect both.
Aarav is a good shout.
I can think of sooooo many teams with 2 of the new Axel too.
2 Mercers can be good for Endurance Arenas too.


I love facing all the 2 James teams we see in w3


I’d like a 2nd mercer and a 2nd davie

In addition to endurance, there are a bunch of characters that would be nice to have with different mod sets for different teams. Maybe you want a Rampage Priya modded for a taunt nuke and one modded out for a Trader team. Mercer could be modded differently for an attack team vs a defense team.


2 x Rick’s


For the FTP I think Princess or Aarav are a good choice, priya is also a good option but on a attack team due she has low def and HP

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Honestly, I think having two Willies would be pretty good since you can trigger his trauma without having to wait for his next turn.

Then again, Willie is just pretty good by himself.

The entirety of this comment sounds wrong


I have many Dupes but Princess, Priya, Rick and Aarav i found most useful.
Edit: Double Shiva!
Double Trader is like fight against once eezy peezy no Problem and double Tanya too. Since she Drop i fight quiet a lot agn her and she never could revive ir outlast. So here no point for having 2 of them…

I am a lot of optimizing my collectible cards and get the most out of them by squeezing them to the maximum, so for the moment I have focused on taking out, 2 princesses, 2 Priyas and 2 Aravs, my next objective of doubles is to find my second frost and my Second shiva, because not in the future looking for 2 traders, I think that for now those would be main characters to put together a good attack and defense free to play.

Noor ,Aarav, Minerva double shiva can be good
But double Rosita hell no I am not even thinking of one .
She’s completely worthless

2 Arrav, 2 princess, 2 mercer, 2 trader and 2 Noor

Double Daiyu, So much infection to spread, (200%) and Taunt loops.

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How about 2 raulitos? If I buy that BP key is get a second raulito

Nah i would get rick or rosita if i was u. Rat is kinda bad now.

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2 rositas sound like a nightmare in terms of control

I’m fascinated at you saying he is bad. I run Raul and jia as s12 and knock out s15 teams on the regular. Maybe he doesn’t remain useful into s16 and above? Explain your thinking here (before I blow 20$ on a key :rofl:)


The only problem w/ Raulito as I see it is he’s just too slow for war and leagues. You need to be able to win these by t2 or t3 at the latest.

For other game modes where time isn’t so much of a factor, he’s still a fantastic toon especially when paired with a lacerator toon. He helps make the stupid 20k+ hp and def roadmaps a breeze as well as FA when facing Negan.