Which S-Class character are you claiming?

Honestly I’m still indecisive of which character I should claim but was wondering who did you guys picked and why

  • Christa
  • James

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Christa cause of Pete tbh


Because I have plenty stun guns

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Christa, for several reasons.
Every team will have one of the two, and she has trait advantage over James.
No bound weapon. Also, i have much better ranged weapons. Stun for defense, stronger atk for offense.
She has a faster AR.
I like the chance to try a new abilty, slow.


One thing to note is that they removed his confuse special with a crit buff which is disappointing


I picked Christa as well

James Gang bottled it by the looks lol


James because at this point I don’t even use ranged characters.

they buff his stats but changed the important one from james oh scopely :man_facepalming:t2:

They did however, buff the base stats of the toons then 1st quoted bar I think Christa def after listening to customers so at least that is something

I noticed that too. He was intended to be a medic originally too.
I understand crit is useful on him…But mods…? I’d immediately start crafting for stun if i picked him. Esp since his rush would give 2 chances to stun if the target survives. They definitely should have kept confuse though.

Christa, I used her rush on one and was able to kill two more with it all at once while raiding.

Christa. Didn’t want another weapon bonded toon this time around. Plus it’s Christa, duh! :joy:



Looks like ummmm jhizz on his chin tbh


Love the profile picture tho😂

Picked Christa, because I need more red toons. Her active is great, slow ability will be interesting to test out. Active skill is the cherry on top. Can’t go wrong with either or.

Christa, massive attack stat for Wayland and Pete will be the closest to another ftp option


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Please lock your toon before an accident happens